From 1931 to today, the evolution of a weaving mill and a family,
that has always looked to the future.

Just like a family that begins with a small nucleus and then expands, person after person, connection after connection:

threads made of love, commitment and sharing are woven together.

That’s how our weaving mill came into existence, from the hands of Grandfather Randi, to then expand slowly until becoming what we are today and what we will be tomorrow, in continuous growth founded on experience and knowledge, lessons and success interwoven with the large Italian family that we’ve been part of for 100 years.



After working in Brazil and serving in the First World War, young Antonio Randi opens his textile business in Busto Arsizio, Italy: Tessitura Randi is born.


Once the terrible years of Italian Fascism ended, textile production begins again thanks to a boom in the industry. Tessitura Randi starts to make its way into Italian homes. Still quite young, Antonio Randi dies in 1952, leaving the business to his seven children.


From the post-war period onward, Manifattura Randi continues to prosper, becoming a vertically-integrated company: excluding the thread spinning process, it has everything it needed to create the finished product in-house (a dyeing plant for thread and fabric, a print shop, shuttle-weaving looms, circular looms, product assembly from cutting and sewing to packaging, logistics and a warehouse for shipments).


Always looking for ways to improve, the company decides to adapt to the needs of the market: to stay competitive, certain processes are outsourced, including sewing and ironing.


Tessitura Randi 1931 is founded: after the separation of the Manifattura Randi unit, managed by the family’s cousins, a style department dedicated to woven fabric is opened. It is mainly focused on the creation of collections for table settings and bedding (while also continuing the production of must-have traditional weaves: Damask linens, jacquard fabric, and yarn-dyed percale).


Tessitura Randi registers the trademark for the Fuego brand, launching a unique product made from 100% compact cotton (no pilling). Before being woven, this fabric is printed and overdyed to create exceptional colors and textures.


Times change and the Randi family is once again in-step with the latest trends, despite the challenges of the industry: weaving production is outsourced to make way for exciting new product development opportunities, with items that offer greater freedom of expression and new paths ahead.


Tessitura Randi embarks on a new style adventure creating a collection of home linens as a licensee of Borbonese, a historic Italian luxury brand. Traditions focusing on beauty, authentic Made-in-Italy craftsmanship and sophisticated luxury distinguish the collections.


Tessitura Randi turns 90.
To celebrate, the company launches a new website and creates “1931”: a wide-reaching, expansive collection of pieces with minimalist aesthetics that enhance any interior design style, bringing it into the present day.
1931 is iconic, an ode to the lengthy history of a company that has reinvented itself and evolved over the years, while always looking towards the future.


We like to dream big, and the wonderful thing is that in our family, dreams never stay hidden away in a drawer for too long…
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