Extensive knowledge of textiles based on tradition and innovation

We were born with fabric in our DNA: over the years, creating, designing, researching, listening, and observing, we’ve gained extensive savoir-faire, united in a single formula that represents exactly what and who we are.

We’re persevering and inquisitive because, each day, we fall in love with our work all over again. From humble beginnings, we’ve never stopped growing as a brand: from one generation to the next, from tradition to innovation, we use the “magic” Randi formula to ensure only magnificent products become part of your home.

We know what we’re talking about when it comes to quality because we have a rather simple yet effective secret:

After almost 100 years, we never take anything for granted.



It’s important to truly “see” the world around you. Cities, people, culture, trends: all these elements enrich us personally and cross-pollinate our creative vision, enriching our products and giving life to the collections we create for you. And for us.


After the creatives in our Style Department have a few brainstorming sessions, Maria Pia, the Creative Director of Tessitura Randi, establishes the guidelines of the new collection. From there, the design process – and the fun – begins, with research, drafts, lots of laughter, perhaps a few disagreements and plenty of Eureka moments.


From the selection of the yarn, which is then dyed and woven, to the digital printing of the fabric (which optimizes costs and ensures the accuracy of each motif), we know the processes inside and out, but we never rest on our laurels. Which is why everything we sell is nothing short of exceptional.


We meticulously and unwaveringly monitor each step of the collection creation and preparation process: it takes lots of effort to get every detail right, but we know that details are what make the difference.


When the production phase begins, precision and careful oversight are what count. Advanced technology helps us ensure that everything comes out as planned, but the experience we’ve gained over 90 years in the industry is what truly guarantees quality.


We use our experience to check our fabric against strict quality standards: we were born weavers, remember? This helps us quickly find the cause of any defects and ensure that the garments delivered to your doorstep are impeccable.


An indispensable network that we care deeply about: for years now, our sales representatives have been an integral part of the Randi family, just like our retailers, who we see as true partners.


We reach the homes of Italians like expected guests: with respect and a desire for a sense of belonging. Each day, we put ourselves to the test, listening to what our customers have to day with an eye to constant improvement.


We believe that everyone can make a difference for the world in which our children and our children’s children will live. Every day, we renew our commitment to finding solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our products and processes. In 2021, coinciding with our 90th anniversary, RADICI was formed: an environmentally-sustainable collection of tablecloths, runners and napkins to be handed down through the generations, just like a love of nature.

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“Our goal is the satisfaction of our customers”.

Tessitura Randi srl is UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 certified