Explore the world of Jacquard-woven fabrics from Randi and rediscover the beauty
of Italian traditions for today’s lifestyles.

Jacquard-woven fabrics like damask are fine, sophisticated, highly-prized textiles in which materials like cotton and linen are worked to create exquisite textures.

In an interplay of shiny and matte motifs, our Jacquard table linens will elevate refined lunches, for Sundays when tradition and quality are a must.

But where does the “Jacquard” name come from?

Jacquard is actually a surname: that of the inventor of the eponymous device that made it easier to weave complex patterns on a loom.

One such fabric is damask, a sophisticated material with ancient roots, woven on draw looms in Italy as early as the 1300s.

Considered an integral part of textile heritage, it still today is the fabric of prized tablecloths, the kind that have defined the history of Tessitura Randi and all Italian families, both in original linen versions and in more modern cotton.

Fine, exquisite, durable: Jacquard weaves, and damask, in particular, are embellished by shiny/matte motifs (often floral), as can be seen on our Ofelia tablecloth.

On the other hand, the essential, graphic lines of our Fiammetta motif in a blend of linen and cotton offer a more contemporary option.

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