Italian textile traditions, weaving stories of warp and weft

Tessitura Randi is a large Italian family: since the start, we’ve been inspired by our Italian heritage, creating pieces that aren’t just beautiful to look at, but which also are part of the narrative of our daily lives.

Grandmother’s fine linens for the bed, just like the beautiful table setting used on Sundays: these elements symbolize our everyday experiences, accompanying the evolution of our families, from one generation to the next.

Contemporary pieces that Tessitura Randi ensures will remain iconic far into the future.

Assurances that provide a sense of family, like when you open the door and hear: “welcome home.”


100% compact cotton yarn woven into 40-thread-count fabric, enlivened by high-quality dyes.

Yarn-dyed Percale has been a bedding specialty at Randi since the company was founded, made unique because our yarn is dyed before being woven. Moreover, each piece is ripped instead of cut in order to follow the natural direction of the weave.

This ensures pieces that last over time, welcoming you night after night.


And what about fine table linens? Damask Linens are a fine, exquisite, luxurious fabric. Tablecloths with characteristic matte-shiny patterns, the true stars of large lunches and dinners: from Sunday gatherings with the family to the celebration of anniversaries, birthdays and milestones.

Items that are sure to be passed down from one generation to the next, and rediscovered when elegance, tradition and quality are to embellish the family table.

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