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Clan and more: how to decorate the bedroom, from trendy to rock


In the home, delicate flowers and colorful butterflies are often a reflection of a women’s touch. On bedsheets and tablecloths, they create a pleasant, restorative atmosphere, but it isn’t always a style that everyone in the family loves.

Families are made of many different personalities (though all it takes is two!), each one with their own quirks and tastes. The choice of sheets and table linens is often entrusted to the woman of the house: sound familiar? Well, keep reading to discover flower-free alternatives for a look that’s (also) masculine.


Once you strip away stereotypes and overly romantic styles, what remains?
In the Randi home, there’s no shortage of choice, with plaids that have an air of British rock to them.
As modern dandies already know, tartan is a print with evergreen allure. Though its roots go back hundreds of years, it continues to crop up in the world of fashion and linens for the home, fascinating and alluring all genders.

Whether they’re on a cozy flannel shirt or a quilt, tartans remind us that some icons never die. They immediately offer us a reassuring return to our origins, to things that are “made well” and with care, to things that last over time, which is precisely why plaid a must-have in Tessitura Randi bedding collections, year after year.


Over the years, tartan has played increasingly transgressive roles, quite the opposite of the interior decor of grandma’s house. Thanks to the disruptive use of this motif by designer Vivienne Westwood and the punk rock looks of the Sex Pistols, tartan has continued to speak loud and clear in a world that evolves and stays in step with the times. Comfort? Of course. But with an increasingly rock ‘n’ roll soul.

It’s a past that, in some ways, reflects that of Tessitura Randi: transformation, rebirth, revisitation, iconic styles that have been updated and given new life, inspirations from years ago that return to center stage. One thing is certain: Randi’s Clan is made up of many different personalities, and its tartan is one of its strengths: iconic and timeless with a dash of irreverence.



Each of the various tartan prints used on our bedsheets has become a product in our CLAN collection, which we’re very proud of not just because they’re loved by boys (girls too, for that matter) and by bachelors with a dandy soul, but also because they highlight the variety of our large expanded family: the Randi Clan. We have always learned and drawn lots of inspiration from that variety, seeing as our company is, as the motto goes, “Family since 1931.”

And then, we can’t forget about our yarn-dyed percale.
The CLAN bedroom collection is in exquisite yarn-dyed percale to make sure our bedding lasts for years to come: this technique creates 200-thread-count fabric, woven in 100% compact cotton yarn. The yarn is dyed before being worked on the loom, and the fabric is always ripped instead of being cut to follow its natural alignment: nothing is left to chance. Just like all the motifs found in our catalog. There’s a Clan plaid for everyone! The most famous versions are CLAN 22, 23, 24 and spring-ready 38: take a look at our sheet sets!


Kudos to you for reading this far. Here’s a small prize for you.
A collection of mustaches and hipster-style illustrations for the dandy in the house. Print them in full color, cut them out and use them to leave a message when you need to: they’ll be the perfect match next to your Clan tartan duvet cover by Tessitura Randi!

Discover the Clan Collection in our online shop and you’ll find the perfect plaid for everyone, including the “man” in the house. 😉

The dandy charm of timeless tartan

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