An Italian family, since 1931

The aroma of coffee fills the house.

A dog barks happily and wakes up the last few sleepyheads, still cozy under the blankets. The bed is a refuge from which to imagine the day ahead, with those you love. Enticing smells from the kitchen, where Sunday lunch is already cooking away.

Happy hands lay out the ‘good’ tablecloth and the table becomes a feast for the eyes, trimmed by fine crystal and silverware. Familiar faces, joy, snapshots of life in Italy.

Welcome to the Randi home: yours.

At Tessitura Randi, we believe in hard work followed by well-deserved rest,

which is surely why we truly appreciate the time spent with our extended family: business partners, customers and friends.

The history of our company is interwoven with everyday events, fusing with the smiles and enthusiasm of a real Italian family that meets everyday challenges to consistently guarantee the best products for its customers.

We “dress” your home in the beauty of traditions (we’re big fans of the classics) which have been updated and brought into the modern day, according to recent trends (innovation is our calling).

Our textiles dress your home, accompanying the daily life of your family, making fond memories together.

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