Discover the world of yarn-dyed percale and find out why this fabric
is the finest material there is for your bed, and beyond.

40 is a number that isn’t up for debate: at Tessitura Randi, we’re proud to use this thread count in every bolt of percale we produce. And it all begins with the selection of fine-quality, combed, compact yarn.

What does that mean, exactly? It means we use combed cotton yarn for its impressive technical qualities and aesthetics. Combing cotton eliminates the short fibers, and aligns the remaining ones in the same direction, creating the length of the strand. The compacting treatment eliminates the formation of small, annoying balls (pilling) and makes the yarn dense, for an impeccable feel.

After the yarn is combed, it’s dyed before it’s woven. This makes a big difference in the quality of the final product compared to other techniques (piece dying means dying the fabric only after it has been woven from off-white, neutral-hued thread). When using yarn-dyed thread, the warp and weft can be in different colors, offering greater creativity and beauty when it comes to the finished product. But that’s not all…

Our yarn-dyed fabric isn’t cut, but ripped, meaning no scissors or blades are used at all. By so doing, the natural alignment of the weave is followed, keeping the yarns perfectly straight and ensuring they stay that way after countless washes over the years. With a thread count of 200, Randi’s yarn-dyed percale further elevates the quality of the fabric and creates a delightfully silky, soft hand.

The care we’ve invested in this project has allowed us to be truly successful, and in 2006, we decided to patent and register the Fuego brand, a series of bedding products with a finish so silky it feels like a caress on the skin.

Another point in favor of Randi’s yarn-dyed percale? Turn it any way you like: it’s double-faced! That means both sides of the cloth will always be perfect. Impressive for a simple bed sheet, isn’t it?

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